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Vacation Accrual

Vacation Accrual

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Section 707 - Personnel Policies, Rules and Regulations

Employees accrue vacation credits and are eligible for paid vacation. For purposes of computing vacation credit, an employee who works eleven (11) or more days in a monthly pay period is considered to have completed a month of service or continuous service. When an absence without pay of more than eleven (11) consecutive working days falls into two (2) consecutive qualifying monthly pay periods, only one (1) of the pay periods is disqualified.

Service requirements below are in terms of full-time service. Service requirements shall be pro-rata for employees who work less than full-time.

Vacation Accural Rates
Service Requirements Days of Vacation Credit
Per Monthly Pay Period
Hours of Vacation Credit
Per Monthly Pay Period
(Hourly Equivalent of Days)
1 month to 3 years 5/6


37 months to 6 years 1 1/4


73 months to 10 years 1 5/12 11-1/3
121 months to 15 years

1 7/12

181 months to 20 years 1 3/4 14

241 months to 25 years

1 11/12

301 months and over 2 16

Employees under some collective bargaining unit agreements may accrue vacation credits at a different rate (e.g., SSP-AR classifications in the Unit 4 agreement accrue 16.0 hours or 2 days of vacation per month).

Vacation scheduling is to be arranged according to the provisions of the appropriate collective bargaining agreement.