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University Hold Policy

University Hold Policy

Reviewed By: Administrative Council
Approved By: President Karnig
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Approved By: President Morales on

For interpretation of this policy, please contact the responsible department: Office of Vice President for Administration and Finance: 909/537-5130

At the present time there is no official campus policy incorporating the different aspects of putting holds on an applicant's and/or student's record to restrict registration, academic records and admission.

This policy sets forth the rights and responsibilities of University offices placing holds on student's admission, registration and academic records.  This policy assumes as a condition of use the appropriate application of policies and practices which give the respective University office the right to place a hold on an applicant's and/or student's record.


  • Academic Record
    An academic record is any official document displaying a student's academic history, i.e., unofficial transcripts, official transcripts, diplomas.
  • Enrollment Appointment Push Notification
    Notifications sent to a student's myCoyote account each term with their appointed date/time of registration. If a student has a hold(s), the information is indicated on the notifications.
  • Admissions Hold
    A code on an applicant/student's record which blocks admission to the university.
  • Debt
    Unpaid obligation of a student or former student, however, incurred, arising while the debtor was a student, for loans, services, use of facilities or equipment, materials, food, or merchandise furnished to the student (Title V, 42380).
  • Registration Hold
    A code on a student's record which blocks registration for current and/or subsequent quarters.
  • Transcript Hold
    A hold on a student's record which prohibits the release of the academic records to the student and/or a third party.  
    • Exclusion - transcripts may not be held due to a financial obligation owed to a postsecondary school in California. pursuant to AB 1313
  • University Office
    Offices within the jurisdiction of the President.
  • Scope

The use of the policy is available to any University office authorized to place holds pursuant to Title V, Article 11, sections-42380 and, 42380 when used to collect an unpaid obligation arising while an applicant and/or student for loans, services, use of facilities or equipment, materials, food, or merchandise furnished to the student and to University offices required to enforce compliance of academic policy.  This policy is also available to the Director of Student Conduct and Ethical Development to enforce sanctions resulting from student disciplinary action.

  • Notification
    The University office placing the hold will notify the student in writing within 24 hours after placing the hold. This is in addition to the hold indicator that automatically displays in a student’s myCoyote Student Center once a hold is placed.


  • Registration holds placed for advising purposes which are indicated in the push notification sent to a students's myCoyote account.
  • Holds which are placed to ensure compliance to academic policies.

The notification includes the following information:

  • name of office
  • location of office
  • business hours
  • phone number
  • reason for hold

It is also recommended for the clearance procedure to be included in the notification when deemed necessary to ensure the student's understanding of the hold.

  • Notification Waivers

Requests to waive the notification policy are submitted to the University Registrar.  After preliminary review they will be presented to Administrative Council for approval.

  • Responsibilities

Releasing the hold will be the responsibility of the office placing the hold. If the hold applies to a particular term and/or process and changes in the student's record imply the hold is no longer needed the office placing the hold is responsible in releasing the hold or deferring the hold to the appropriate term or time period.  Otherwise the hold will not be applicable and an override may be used to allow the student to register/apply/obtain academic records.

The University office placing the hold will take appropriate measures in placing holds allowing reasonable time for students to clear the hold and receive their academic records.

The University office placing the hold will take appropriate measures in placing the registration holds before push notifications are sent for the subsequent term.