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Student Participation In Policy Development Policy

Student Participation In Policy Development Policy

Reviewed By: Administrative Council
Approved By: President Karnig
Reviewed By: Administrative Council on September 28, 2023
Approved By: President Morales on

For Interpretation of this policy: Office of the Vice President, Student Affairs, (909) 537-5185

The purpose of this policy is to implement the CSU Board of Trustees Student Participation in Policy Development resolution dated July 11, 2001, to ensure that associated student body organizations are involved in campus policy development as full participants. The Board of Trustees policy states the following:

Associated student body organizations established at each university, as provided by Education Code Section 89300, shall serve as the official representative body of the students at that campus. The presidents will provide these officially recognized associated student body organizations an opportunity to offer opinions and make recommendations about campus policy and procedures that have or will have an effect upon students.

Nominations of student representatives to serve on campus-wide governance committees, campus-wide task forces, or other campus-wide advisory groups will be made by the appropriate officially recognized associated student body organization. Appointments made by the University President, campus Associated Students board of directors and their subcommittees will continue their selection procedure under their current process as directed by their bylaws. This is not meant to supersede any current power delegated to the officially recognized student body organization granted whether by executive order or university policy.

In order to ensure that the Associated Students, Incorporated is a full participant in CSUSB policy development, the following items shall be considered:

  • Student governance language shall be included on the campus' policies web page and in specific committee charges.
  • Student governance is included in the Faculty Senate through representation from the student body.  Campus committees, task forces and commissions shall be defined as whose scope of work will have an effect on student life, student education, student advocacy/diversity, and student safety shall have at least one student representative on said committee, task force, or commission. 
  • Student governance will not be included in campus committees, task forces or commissions that deal with confidential personnel matters or litigation matters. 
  • Accommodation of the participating students’ academic schedules will be considered when setting campus committee meetings.
  • Campus procedures shall be developed to track appropriate committees, task forces and commissions in order to keep the Associated Students, Inc. leadership apprised of vacant student positions.

New committees, task forces and commissions that develop and recommend policies shall be reported to the office of the Vice President for Student Affairs.