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Robert V. Fullerton Art Museum Governance Policy

Robert V. Fullerton Art Museum Governance Policy

Reviewed By: Administrative Council on
Approved By: President Karnig on
Reviewed By: Administrative Council on
Approved By: President Karnig on
Reviewed By: Administrative Council on March 2, 2023
Approved By: President Morales on

For interpretation of this policy, please contact the responsible department: Director of RAFFMA, 909/537-5493

This policy defines the structure, the mode of governance, and the procedures guiding RAFFMA’s operations, including the museum’s space, staff, collections (permanent and extended loans), including insurance, as well as temporary exhibition contracts and loan agreements.

RAFFMA as a State Institution

  • Organization

    RAFFMA belongs to California State University, San Bernardino, and therefore its governance is integrated with that of the University. The employees of the Museum are employees of the University, and the museum director is selected and appointed in accordance with University procedures, in the same way as other University directors.

    In the organizational structure of the University, the Museum is a separate department within the College of Arts and Letters, as shown on the division's organizational chart, attached. The Dean of the College of Arts and Letters has the delegated authority to supervise the museum director. The museum collaborates with various academic units, professionally supporting their selected programs, either on regular or just project based, as mutually agreed. 

The Structure of the Museum Staff:

Paid staff:

  • Director (MPP)
  • Education & Collection Coordinator (Staff)
  • Exhibition Designer (Staff)
  • Membership, Marketing and Engagement Coordinator (Staff)
  • Visitor Services & Administrative Support Coordinator (Staff)
  • Museum Technician/Exhibition Preparator (Staff)
  • Graphic Designer (Staff)
  • Other possible permanent or temporary staff



  • Student assistants (paid by the Museum)
  • Work study assistants (paid)
  • Interns (typically unpaid but could be paid if funds are available)
  • Volunteers


  • Reporting and Evaluation

    The Museum Director is evaluated by the Dean of the College of Arts and Letters; all Museum employees report to and are evaluated by the Museum Director.

    The Museum Director has the responsibility and authority for the management and coordination of the Museum’s operations, collections, and exhibitions. Any collaboration between the Department of Art and Design (DAD) that directly relates to curriculum established by the academic program, the Museum Director will consult with the DAD Chair.

  • Funding

    The Museum's operating budget and the salaries of the Museum's staff are funded primarily through allocations from the budget of the University. The Museum, with the assistance of the development staff, shall raise funds for student support, programs, collection, engagement, conservation, and preservation.

  • Collection Ownership and Insurance

    The CSUSB Philanthropic Foundation, which used to own the Museum’s collection, transferred the collection to CSUSB (State) in the summer of 2016. The University owns the collection and RAFFMA stores and manages it. Both the Museum and the University are fully committed to maintaining the collection as public trust with the intent of providing conscientious care for an indefinite period.

    The CSU system, Office of the Chancellor provides specialized art insurance policy for the collection and loans, including all extended and temporary exhibition loans.

  • Collection Management

    The Museum is responsible for the care, preservation, and use of the works of art, and design in their collections. The physical protection, conservation and preservation, handling, storage, display, and use of the collections will be in keeping with current professional standards.

    The Museum, in consultation with the University, is responsible for executing all documents necessary to lend objects to other museums, galleries, and academic institutions and to borrow objects from other institutions.

    The museum director and staff have full authority to take care of all the organizational aspects related to ongoing exhibits and acquisitions to the collection. RAFFMA’s Acquisition Committee reviews and approves (by the simple majority of votes) all acquisitions to the museum collection.

    The same Acquisition Committee also approves all deaccessions of individual objects, but the decision to deaccession requires the University President’s or designee’s signature.

  • Signatory Authority

    In consideration of the fiduciary responsibilities that CSUSB has in relation to the Museum collection, all contracts, loan agreements, and other legal documents that pertain to the Museum's collection shall be reviewed by the Museum Director and signed by CSUSB Director of Procurement Services or other authorized CSUSB administrator.


  • Board of Advocates

    This Board’s role is to promote and advocate for the museum in its mission to create relevant and meaningful cultural experiences for CSUSB and the larger community by inspiring ideas, fostering community partnerships, and providing resources for life enrichment. The Board members advocate for the museum through active participation, fruitful engagement, and effective promotion.

    This Board shall be made up of members of three subgroups called Circles, plus the ex-officio members. The Circles represent the three major constituencies (stakeholders) of RAFFMA: Campus, Community, and Art Professionals.

    (See Board of Advocates Bylaws).

Museum Membership

Member's Role

Members and RAFFMA’s support group. The potential number of members is unlimited. Dedicated to the Museum, the members support its mission and vision, participate in the life of the Museum, and help to promote the institution among local communities. They also provide a small part of the Museum’s revenue in the form of membership dues, used to sponsor selected Museum events and programs.

The Museum's designated staff member is responsible for the membership records, recruitment, and renewals.