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Relocation Policy - CSUSB Management Employees

Relocation Policy - CSUSB Management Employees

Reviewed By: Administrative Council on
Reviewed By: Administrative Council on
Approved By: President Morales on

RESPONSIBLE DEPARTMENT: Human Resources, 909/537-5138

It is the policy of California State University, San Bernardino, to provide relocation assistance associated with moving expenses, when necessary, to new employees when authorized by the President or the appropriate Vice President. Provision for relocation expenses must be agreed upon at the time of appointment and must be stipulated in the appointment letter. A maximum allowance must be indicated by the appointing party and this amount shall be indicated in the appointment letter.

Relocation assistance may be provided to the positions in the Administrator II, III and IV group provided that relocation assistance is a part of the total compensation consideration at the time an offer of employment is made. All written offers of employment are to include provisions for moving, if applicable. Any assistance provided must conform with CSU and State of California guidelines on moving expenses and will be limited to:

  • Packing, loading, insurance, transportation, unpacking and unloading of household goods owned by the employee.
  • Relocation mileage incurred by the appointee or transportation costs for the appointee and, if applicable, family for travel between their existing residence and new residence.
  • Lodging expenses plus meals and incidental expenses incurred by the appointee and, if applicable, family for travel between their existing residence and new residence.

Other costs associated with relocation to CSUSB such as temporary lodging and meals (not to exceed 60 calendar days) and temporary storage of household goods in transit (not to exceed 60 calendar days) may be paid when approved by the President or appropriate Vice President separately from items 1, 2 and 3 above.

The University will not pay for:

  • The moving (loading) of more than two (2) automobiles; other motor vehicles; farm tractors, implements and equipment; livestock; trailers with or without other property; boats; animals; belongings related to commercial enterprises engaged in by the employee; firewood; fuels; bricks, sand, ceramic wall tile, wire fence or other building materials; or any items not commonly found in a typical household.
  • The expense of materials, parts, or labor to connect household appliances or the cost of installing utility outlets or other specialized installations.
  • The cost of warehouse handling for items in storage and split pickup charges.
  • Any costs associated with the sale or purchase and/or exchange of real estate.

Consideration shall be given to any CSU systemwide preferred relocation services available where a cost savings may be achieved.

When determining the amount of relocation assistance to be provided, the following may be used as a guide:

    4,000 lbs. --- a single person with an apartment, condo, or home.

    8,000 lbs. --- a couple with a small house.

    12,000 lbs. --- a small family.

    16,000 lbs. --- a large family.

Because of the variance that occurs when employees relocate from different geographical areas, the costs for relocation will differ.

The exact amount of relocation assistance will be limited to the budget available and the table below. The Vice Presidents may approve reimbursements that fall below $10,000.00. Presidential approval is required for $10.000.00 or above. Any authorization for expenditures above the limits specified below will require the approval of the President. The university official extending the offer of relocation assistance shall be responsible to ensure that funds to pay relocation expenses are available and budgeted for this purpose prior to extending an offer.

Maximum allowed relocation assistance
Administrator Level Maximum Allowed
IV $10,000.00


II 2,500.00

- 0 -

Should an employee for whom relocation assistance is provided not be employed for a period of at least two years, repayment based on the following schedule will be required.

  • 100% if employed less than 6 months.
  • 75% if employed at least 6 months, but less than 12 months.
  • 50% if employed at least 12 months, but less than 18 months.
  • 25% if employed at least 18 months, but less than 24 months.

Not all new appointees or current CSU employees will be eligible for reimbursement of moving and relocation expenses. The decision by an appointing authority to offer moving and relocation expenses is discretionary and contingent upon the availability of funds. Please refer to the CSU Internal Procedures Governing Reimbursements for Moving and Relocation Expenses for additional information.