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Recruitment, Selection and Appointment (Staff)

Recruitment, Selection and Appointment (Staff)

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Recruitment Policy

California State University, San Bernardino places a high degree of emphasis on the recruitment and selection of staff. A well qualified and capable staff to support the many and varied operations within the University.

While the most immediate labor market comprises the City of San Bernardino, applicants are drawn from other locales within San Bernardino and Riverside counties as well as other counties such as Orange and Los Angeles.  Applicants may come from other areas of the state and the nation, depending upon the level of the vacancy and the skill, knowledge and ability necessary to perform the required duties.

It is the policy of the University to conduct an open competitive recruitment for all position vacancies.  The University, in accordance with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), is an equal opportunity employer. Qualified applicants are considered for employment without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, ancestry, age, sex, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, genetic information, medical condition, disability, marital status, covered veteran’s status or any other protected status. 

Due to the the changing nature of specific laws, regulations, guidelines and contractual agreements, Talent Acquisition in the Human Resources Department is responsible for the coordination and administration of all recruitment activities for staff and management positions.

Colleges and departments should maintain an ongoing relationship with the Human Resources Department professional staff in the identification and development of position requirements.  All positions are to be carefully evaluated at the time a vacancy occurs so that an effective recruitment may be conducted to obtain the required skills necessary to perform the duties assigned to a particular position.

The focus for all recruitment activity is the posting process, which takes place as vacancies occur or new positions are created.  The posting process is an announcement of the vacancy with all related information describing the position. 

CSUSB conducts all recruitment activity in accordance with local, state, federal laws, appropriate collective bargaining agreements and CSUSB policies and regulations.


Recruitment Procedures

Recruitment Requisition

A completed, approved and executed electronic personnel requisition initiates the recruitment process for vacant positions to be filled.  Requisitions are submitted by either the hiring manager or designee. Approval shall include Human Resources, the Department Head, appropriate Vice President and, if required, Vice President’s Cabinet, if required. Requisitions should include the position description, which specifically describes the duties, tasks, essential job functions to be performed, and specialized skills required.   Requisitions are submitted electronically through the designated online system to Classification and Compensation Services in Human Resources prior to the commencement of the recruitment process to validate the appropriateness of the position and provide recommended salary details. Sufficient lead time should be allowed for this process to be completed before the requisition is approved. A search will not be conducted without an approved requisition. The College or department is responsible for securing budget approval prior to the start of the recruitment process. Once the requisition receives final approval, is moved to Talent Acquisition in Human Resources to develop the recruitment plan with the hiring manager.

Posting Process

All represented positions will be posted in accordance with collective bargaining agreements for a prescribed minimum number of days.  Positions may be posted for longer periods if necessary.  The Human Resources Department sends out posting announcements to a broad list of sources such as other CSU campuses, UC campuses, community colleges and online resources that could provide individuals with the required qualifications and equal opportunity representation in the applicant pool.  

All application materials submitted by applicants in response to posted positions must be received in the Human Resources Department as specified in the posting. The Human Resources Department will maintain recruitment files for posted positions in accordance with the CSU retention policy.  The Human Resources Department will provide search committees with recruitment folders, including applications and relevant materials for the selection process. The folders are the property of the Human Resources Department and returned at the conclusion of the final interview. Recruitment interviews are conducted by hiring managers or search committee members who are required to complete diversity and inclusion training prior to receiving applications.

The Associate Vice President of Human Resources, or designee, will be responsible for determining if a diverse representative applicant pool exists once the application materials are received. This is applicable only to non-academic staff positions. 


Additional means of recruitment beyond the posting process may be required in some situations. The budget for position advertising is allocated by the hiring department, which will coordinate with Human Resources recommendations to place all advertisements. The selection of advertisement sources will be limited to the department’s availability of funds.

Initial advertising will be included, but not limited to, the Human Resources website, Governmentjobs, CSU Careers, CA Jobs, Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (HERC), Hire Vets and Higher Ed Jobs. The cost of advertising in other specialized sources will be the responsibility of the requesting department.


The applicant flow for each recruitment will be monitored during the posting process. If the applicant response is below the required level of quantity and/or quality, the department will be contacted so that adjustments can be made to the recruitment process in order to stimulate a better response.  Additional sources of applicants identified by the department may be contacted by the Human Resources Department.  It is the responsibility of Human Resources to produce and distribute postings. Departments are not to produce and distribute postings of their own creation and design.

Travel expenses for applicants invited to the campus for interviews will be paid by the hiring department. These expenses include, airfare, lodging, meals, and incidentals, Lodging is to be accommodated through the established contract with the specified local hotel. Airfare may be arranged and tickets purchased for the applicant. Lodging will be paid directly to the hotel. Applicants should only incur meal, airport commute, reasonable telephone and parking expenses for reimbursement by the university. 

Recruitment interviews are conducted by hiring managers or search committee members who are required to complete diversity and inclusion training prior to receiving applications. Once interview phases are finalized, a hiring recommendation is submitted to Talent Acquisition to extend the job offer and initiate the background check process in accordance with the CSU Background Check Policy: HR 2017-17