Recruitment, Selection and Appointment (Management Employees)

Recruitment, Selection and Appointment (Management Employees)
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RESPONSIBLE DEPARTMENT: Human Resources, 909/537-5130


The policies contained in this section of the Personnel Policy Manual apply to all Management Personnel Plan employees, except where other policies may be applicable. Questions regarding these policies or other relevant policies may be directed to the Human Resources Department.

It is the policy of CSUSB to conduct an open recruitment for all Management Personnel Plan vacancies. The only exception to this policy is an interim acting appointment or reassignment that may be made by the President or a Vice President for a specified term.

During periods of special conditions such as a state of fiscal exigency, major enrollment decline, reduction in administrative personnel, or other extenuating circumstances, as determined by the president, the filling of any vacancies may be accomplished through modified search procedures which include:

  • A search within the division where the vacancy exists if a pool of qualified candidates exists and affirmative action principles are maintained.
  • A search within the university may be conducted if a pool of qualified candidates exists and affirmative action principles are maintained.
  • A search outside of the university may be conducted to recruit a diverse pool of qualified applicants. The search, dependent upon the level of the position and the expertise required, may cover the local inland area, Southern California, the State of California, or the search may be national in scope.

Recruitment for academic administrator positions within the Academic Affairs Division such as Vice President, Associate Vice President, Dean, etc., will be conducted by the Office of the President, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, or the appropriate divisional office where the vacancy occurs. Recruitment for other MPP positions in which an employee is not eligible for academic tenure will be conducted by the Human Resources Department. Recruitment procedures for position vacancies at the Vice President level which report directly to the President are outlined in a separate policy.

Requisition (Vacant Position)

A completed, approved, and signed personnel requisition initiates the recruitment process for vacant positions to be filled. Requisitions are to be provided to the appropriate office responsible for conducting the recruitment. Searches will not be conducted without the necessary approved requisition.

If a position is newly created, or the duties and responsibilities have changed significantly, the position must be reviewed by the Human Resources Department prior to the commencement of the recruitment process regardless of the office responsible for conducting the recruitment. Sufficient lead time is to be allowed for this process to be completed before the recruitment process can begin.

Posting Process (Vacant Positions)

All MPP position vacancies for which a recruitment is to be conducted are to be posted for a minimum of two weeks. Posting periods may be longer if necessary. The posting distribution is to cover a broad network of sources such as other CSU, UC campuses, community colleges, and other target areas that could provide individuals with the required qualifications and appropriate affirmative action representation in the applicant pool.

The Associate Vice President for Academic Personnel or the Associate Vice President of Human Resources who both function as Affirmative Action Officers will be responsible for determining if a diverse representative applicant pool exists once the application materials are received.

Advertising (Vacant Positions)

Recruitment advertising for MPP positions will be conducted in those elements of the media that would provide the best response. Far reaching publications such as the Los Angeles Times and specific publications such as the Chronicle of Higher Education may be utilized along with other media and/or periodicals related to the specialization of the position. Media directed toward affirmative action groups such as minorities, women and the disabled is to be utilized, especially if there is an affirmative action objective for a particular recruitment.

All advertising costs will be paid from the administrative recruitment account in the Human Resources Department. Sufficient lead time should be allowed for the advertisement to be placed and a response period following the date the recruitment ad appears.

Selection (Vacant Positions)

It is the policy of CSUSB to attract, hire and retain well qualified individuals. When a recruitment is to be conducted, a search committee is to be established for several purposes:

  • To identify and select those individuals who possess the requisite experience, skill, knowledge, ability and education for interview.
  • To interview those individuals selected from the pool and evaluate their potential for success in the position for which the recruitment is being conducted.
  • To recommend to the appropriate individual an identification of candidates as preferred and acceptable.

All search committees are to be representative of the areas over which the position has authority or significant scope of contact. If the position is in Academic Affairs, the appropriate faculty are to be included on the search committee, and the search process is to be conducted according to policies established for academic or administrative positions. All search committees are to be representative of the university composition in terms of women, minorities and other protected classes. The appropriate affirmative action officer is to meet with the committee to review affirmative action objectives, if any, and other matters of potential affirmative action impact.

Travel expenses for applicants at the dean or director level and above invited to the campus for interview will be paid by Human Resources. These expenses include airfare, lodging, meals, and incidentals. Lodging is to be accommodated through the established contract with the specified local hotel. Airfare may be arranged and tickets purchased for the applicant. Lodging will be paid directly to the hotel. Applicants should only incur meal, airport commute, reasonable telephone and parking expenses for reimbursement by the university.

The President is to be informed of the progress and final candidates for all MPP position recruitments conducted by the university prior to the final selection.