Recruitment, Selection, And Appointment Advertising For Staff Positions

Reviewed By: Administrative Council on November 02, 1998
Approved By: President Karnig on November 05, 1998

Source / Authority

RESPONSIBLE DEPARTMENT: Associate Vice President of Human Resources, 909/537-5138


Section 101 - Personnel Policies, Rules and Regulations

Additional means of recruitment beyond the posting process may be required in some situations. The budget for position advertising is allocated to the Human Resources Department, which will coordinate and place all advertisements. The selection of advertising media will be limited to the availability of funds.

Initial advertising will be directed toward one-day local newspaper advertising including minority publications. Advertising will be routinely limited to San Bernardino and Riverside city newspapers. Non-local advertising (e.g., Los Angeles Times, Orange County Register, etc.) may be authorized on a special request basis after discussion with the Human Resources Department. The cost of advertising in the Chronicle of Higher Education or other specialty periodicals will be the responsibility of the requesting department.