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Recreational Sports Fee Structure Proposal

Recreational Sports Fee Structure Proposal

Reviewed By: University

For interpretation of this policy, please contact the responsible department:  COORDINATOR, RECREATIONAL SPORTS -- 909/537-7142

Recreational Sports is entirely funded by student fees.  This started in 1995 with the passage of the Instructionally Related Programs fee.  Each student pays $4.14 per quarter to operate the Recreational Sports program Department.  Additionally, CSUSB students passed a referendum last March to build and operate a student recreation center.  Each student pays a Student Union fee of $14 per quarter towards the recreation center.  This fee progresses until it reaches $37 per quarter in 2004-05.  At that time, each student will pay $41.14 per quarter towards this program.  The Recreational Sports Department receives no permanent funding directly from the University's general fund.  The department is fully funded by student fees.

The Recreational Sport program Department is just beginning to grow.  The current program could be considered fairly small.  This is due largely in part to the lack of available facilities to run these programs.  Thus, the department can fund its entire operation with student fees.  However, Recreational Sports is in the process of installing a temporary recreation center to meet the needs of students who voted for the new facility and are paying to help construct the building, but will not be here when construction is completed.  To help offset the extra operating costs of this temporary facility, alternative revenue sources are needed, including user fees for faculty, staff, Alumni Association members, and their affiliates.

Request and Justification

Once the temporary recreation center is opened, Recreational Sports will incur added costs.  The hours of operation will increase from four hours a day to at least 16 hours a day.  Additionally, the department will be fully responsible for the custodial and maintenance of the facility, utilities, insurance, and additional staffing costs.  These additional costs are expected to exceed $45,000 annually.  Student fees will cover the great proportion of the costs to operate the Recreational Sports Program, including the cost of the facility, maintenance, utilities, equipment, insurance, and personnel.  However, the amount left unfunded needs to be offset by users.  Therefore, user fees are necessary to ensure that the Recreational Sports Program Department can continue at full operation.  These users consist of faculty, staff, Alumni Association members, Extended Education students, and sponsored guests.  If the amount of user fees collected exceeds the need to operate the program, then consideration will be made to lower the proposed fees.  A breakdown of the budgeted costs needed to fully operate the program when the temporary facility opens is provided below.

Recreational Fee Budget Costs
Year Operational Expense Student Fees Revenue Needed
2001-02 $215,150 $191,045




$197,739 $49,561
2003-04 $258,000


2004-05 $743,100 $670,928 $72,172
2005-06 $1,541,200 $1,301,894


The above figures reflect Recreational Sports' operating expenses only and not the costs associated with the construction, purchase of exercise equipment, or bond payments for either the recreation center or the temporary one.  Student fees will primarily pay those expenses.  Additionally, the revenue needed until early in 2005 will be mainly comprised of membership fees collected from eligible users.  Once the recreation center opens, other revenue sources will be initiated to run a comprehensive recreation program.

Proposed Membership Fees

Proposed Membership Fees for Faculty, Staff, and Alumni Association Members
Membership Duration March 2002 - Rec Center Opening
(estimated 2005)
Rec Center Opens (2005)
Annual $100 $140
Academic Year $90 $125
Quarterly $35 $45
Monthly $20 $30



*Comparison to other CSU's and UCs can be obtained by contacting the Recreational Sports Office, 537-7142.

Proposed Membership Fees for Affiliates (Extended Education Students and Sponsored Guests)
Membership Duration April 2002 - Rec Center Opening
(estimated 2005)
Rec Center Opens (2005)
Annual $140 $200
Academic Year $125 $175
Quarterly $45 $65
Monthly $30 $45
Daily $5 $7


Membership Eligibility

  • All regularly enrolled students are automatically considered Recreational Sports members.
  • Faculty, staff, and Alumni Association members are eligible for membership.
  • Extended education students and sponsored adult guests are eligible for affiliate memberships.
  • Local community members not affiliated with the university are not eligible for membership.
  • Each eligible user may sponsor an adult guest (spouse, significant other, or family member) for membership.
  • With the exception of regularly enrolled students, who are automatically members, membership consists of those who are eligible and have purchased a current daily, monthly, quarterly, or annual pass.  Membership expires when the effective date of the pass has elapsed.

The proposed fee will allow the member to use all facilities and programs operated by the Recreational Sports Department, including the temporary recreation center, pool, and intramural sports.  When the permanent recreation center opens, the membership fee will include all programs (weight room, cardio room, group exercise classes, intramural sports, sport clubs, climbing wall, and pool) with the exception of trips, outdoor equipment rental, selected special events, and a few leisure classes.

For eligible users who wish to use the pool only, the following fees are proposed:

Pool Only Pass (including affiliates)
Membership Duration April 2002
Annual $60
Quarterly $20
Monthly $15
Daily $2

A 'Grandfather Clause' will be given to those faculty and staff users who are considered regular academic year pool users before the proposed fee was implemented.  The users on this list will not be charged for a pool only pass.  The Recreational Sports Coordinator will determine this list of names.  Appeals to this list can be made to the Recreational Sports Coordinator.  No other 'Grandfather Clause' or waiver of fees will be given on any other Recreational Sports fee.