Procedures For Handling Law Enforcement Inquiries/ Subpoenas

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For Interpretation of this policy, Please Contact :
Law Enforcement Inquiries -- Chief of Police/Director of Public Safety -- 909/537-5165
Subpoenas -- Associate Vice President of Human Resources -- 909/537-5138


In order to promote the security of the University and to meet legal requirements, the following procedures should be followed:

Law Enforcement Inquiries

It is customary practice for law enforcement officials to contact the campus Public Safety Department (PSD) prior to making contact with individuals on campus. Should any person contact a member of the campus community indicating that he or she is a law enforcement official seeking information about law enforcement matters, before responding to the officer, please contact the campus Public Safety Department at extension 75165. The PSD will immediately dispatch an officer to verify the credentials of the officer. The objective is to verify the validity of the law enforcement officer, ensure the security of the campus, and to maintain confidentiality where required.

Individuals who visit the campus seeking official information regarding the records of a current or former employee are to be directed to the following departments for assistance:

  • Faculty employees: Academic Personnel Office
  • Staff or management employees: Human Resources Department
  • Student employees: Payroll Office


Should any person attempt to serve a member of the campus community with a subpoena, do not accept it. Instead, please refer the individual to César Portillo, Associate Vice President of Human Resources, in Sierra Hall Room 110. Mr. Portillo will advise the individual of the proper process of serving legal notice upon the University.

Your cooperation in following these procedures is appreciated.