Policy To Restrict Vehicle Traffic Within Academic Core Of Campus And Promote Pedestrian Safety

Reviewed By: Administrative Council on August 06, 1990
Approved By:

Source / Authority

RESPONSIBLE DEPARTMENT: Public Safety Department, 909/537-5165


Rapid growth of the student population has drastically increased the amount of vehicular and pedestrian traffic within the academic core of the campus. Inner campus walkways were not designed to accommodate vehicular traffic, and the vehicles have posed a safety hazard to pedestrians. The purpose of this policy is to promote pedestrian safety by separating vehicular from foot traffic.

The center or "academic core" of the campus is a pedestrian area designed for the walker. The campus is becoming a self-contained city with large parking lots designed around the periphery of the academic core. The natural beauty of the turf and trees provide a park-like atmosphere which is intended to be enjoyed while walking. In order to preserve the University setting and provide safety to pedestrians, the following policy shall be enforced.


Perimeter Road Access

  • Authorized access onto the perimeter road shall include only:
    • University vehicles being used to conduct university business.
    • University employee vehicles with required parking permits utilizing Science Parking Lot or 20-minute parking spaces within academic core.
    • Vehicles with a permit from the Public Safety Department.
    • Vendors' vehicles while conducting official university business.
  • Limited access to portions of the perimeter include the following:
    • Parents dropping off or picking up children at the Child Care Center may utilize the perimeter road adjacent to the facility only.
    • Students utilizing the Science Parking Lot on weekends may utilize the section of the perimeter road from adjacent to the Child Care Center north toward the Science Parking Lot.
    • Students, faculty, and staff may utilize the perimeter road from the Child Care Center to the Physical Plant building when conducting University business.
    • Access to the handicap parking spaces adjacent to the Science Parking Lot is permissible by utilizing the perimeter road from the Child Care Center or Physical Plant.
  • Public or student traffic is not permitted on the perimeter road or inside the academic core, except as noted above. Vehicles shall not be driven off roadways or upon turf. Violators will be cited.

Perimeter Road from Bookstore to Commons

Due to heavy pedestrian traffic upon the perimeter road from the Bookstore to the Commons building, only State vehicles on authorized university business will be allowed access to this posted area. All other vehicles shall be prohibited access and subject to citations should they enter this restricted roadway.

Twenty-Minute Parking Inside Academic Core

University employees conducting university functions may park private or State vehicles within the academic core in a limited number of special parking spaces designated "20-Minute Parking". All other vehicles are prohibited from using these spaces. The purpose of the parking spaces is to facilitate loading and unloading of materials for a period of time not to exceed 20 minutes. A valid campus parking decal is required as in all other parking spaces.

Vehicles not displaying a valid campus decal or parking in excess of 20 minutes shall be cited.

Service Vehicle Parking Inside Academic Core

A limited number of parking spaces are located within the academic core of the campus and are designated for use by "Service Vehicles Only." State vehicles equipped with an "E" State license plate may be parked in these spaces while the operator is performing official university business only.

Operators shall not utilize these spaces for any purpose other than performing assigned functions. Violators will be cited.

Vendors under contract to the university may utilize these spaces while conducting university business only. A valid parking permit is required as indicated in the "campus parking" policy. Violators will be cited.

Bicycles and Skateboards

In accordance with California Vehicle Code Section 21113(F), the following conditions shall apply to use of bicycles and skateboards at California State University, San Bernardino:

Bicycles and Motorized Bicycles

  • Bicycles and motorized bicycles shall not be ridden on intercampus walkways delineated by steel post barriers.
  • Bicycles may be ridden on University Parkway, the Residence Hall access road from Northpark Boulevard to the perimeter road, the Physical Plant road from Northpark Boulevard to the perimeter road, and in all designated parking lots.
  • Riding of bicycles shall be prohibited on that portion of the perimeter road extending from the Bookstore to the Commons and on all walkways within campus boundaries.
  • Bicycles may be walked on any campus walkway or roadway.
  • Bicycles may be parked only in designated racks and lockers.

Skateboards and Roller Skates

  • Use of skateboards and roller skates shall be prohibited in all areas of the campus.
  • Violation of any provision of this policy is an infraction under Section 40000.1 of the California Vehicle Code.
  • The University will ensure that provisions of the policy be filed with and approved by the Superior Court of the County of San Bernardino, and that appropriate signs announcing this policy be posted at campus entrances prior to commencement of enforcement actions.

Access Permits

Permits to access the perimeter road or the academic core may be obtained from the campus Public Safety Department. The request must originate from a department manager or chair (or higher in the organization). The request must be in writing and justify the need for access, as well as other pertinent information such as location, time, duration, etc. Authorized persons utilizing the Science Parking Lot or 20-minute parking spaces do not require a permit.

Pedestrian Walkway Barriers

Vehicular barriers will consist of removable steel posts supported by steel sleeves set in concrete footings. The posts will be set approximately four feet on center to provide pedestrian access while preventing vehicular traffic from entering the walkways. Each post will be fitted with a hasp and lock to prevent the post from being removed by unauthorized persons.

Keys to the locks shall be maintained and issued as part of the campus key system which is maintained by the Physical Plant Department. Keys will not be issued to departments. Keys shall be issued to individual employees who will be responsible for the key and its use. Only management personnel may authorize the issue of this key. Keys will be issued based upon a justification of need addressed to the Director of Physical Plant. The Director of Physical Plant shall evaluate each request and determine if issuance of a key meets the rationale of this policy.

A key may be issued for a limited period or for specific projects depending upon need. Temporary issue of a key shall be the preferred method as opposed to extended issue. Temproary issue can be obtained by the same process described above and requires an authorization card approved by the University manager.

Walkway barriers shall not be removed to allow access for vehicles onto walkways during periods of heavy pedestrian traffic. Managers shall attempt to limit traffic on walkways to periods when the least amount of pedestrian traffic is present. Should access be required during peak use periods, the requestor shall consult with the Director of Public Safety to arrange a safe procedure prior to removing posts.

The person removing the posts shall be responsible to replace the post and lock as soon as the operation has been completed or is practical.