Fee Generated Financial Aid Policy

Reviewed By: Administrative Council on March 09, 1998
Approved By: President Karnig on March 20, 1998
Reviewed By: Administrative Council on December 06, 2018
Approved By: President Morales on December 06, 2018

Source / Authority

RESPONSIBLE DEPARTMENT: Office of Financial Aid and Scholarship, 909/537-5227


According to Executive Order No. 661, one-third of all revenue collected from new or increased fees must be used for institutional financial aid grant, work study, and/or fee waiver programs to meet additional student need. To maximize the effective use of the funds, an administrative policy with broad guidelines is recommended to respond to changing needs of the university and the students it serves.


  • Funds generated from new mandatory fees for the purpose of providing financial assistance will be administered by the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarship (OFAS).
  • On an annual basis, the Accounting Office will determine the approximate amount of funds available based on projected enrollments.
  • Based on the needs of students and the campus, the OFAS will apportion funds to scholarship, grant, work and/or loan programs. These funds may be applied to new institutional financial aid programs and/or to overmatching federal and state aid programs administered by the university. Moreover, a modest amount of funds may be reserved to address potential federal or state aid overawards for which the university may have some liability.
  • Financial assistance allocated to CSUSB students from fee generated funds will be awarded based on financial need as determined by the OFAS.
  • The OFAS in collaboration with the Accounting Office will provide an annual report to senior administrators with detailed income and expenditures for the previous year.
  • Unused funds from the previous year will be carried forward to the following year to be awarded to financially needy students.
  • No administrative allowance will be charged to this account.