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Official School Colors

Official School Colors

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The original school colors of blue and brown were changed to blue and black in 1996 and have remained presently.  In developing an institutional identity and school spirit, the choice and consistency of colors are important in publications, stationery, websites, athletic uniforms and retail merchandise such as sweatshirts, hats, mugs, etc. Since the last policy change clarifying the exact shade of blue, there has been consistency in the shade of blue used in a variety of applications.


Pantone 300 is the shade of blue that is used in the university logo and seal and is the official shade of blue for Cal State San Bernardino for university branding, including merchandise and stationery. Pantone 300 can be referred to as Coyote Blue to tie school spirit to university brand colors. Black, gray (60% shade of black or silver) and white continue as optional secondary colors.

A shade of blue that most closely resembles Pantone 300/Coyote Blue should be used for applications that do not use a printed ink, such as athletic uniforms and websites. A palette of recommended secondary colors is available to use for a variety of publications and other uses.  However, the logo and seal must be used in the official school colors, as prescribed in the university's visual identity manual. The exact color code for digital usage can be located in the CSUSB visual identity manual and/or the CSUSB brand manual which are available through the Office of Strategic Communication.


The 2008 policy provided consistency to the shades of blue that had been previously used by the university by making the official university color defined as Pantone 300. Pantone 300 was used in the 2007 redesign of the university logo and seal. This latest modification to the shade of blue addressed the need for consistency and university-wide application of school colors without dramatic changes.  (Previous colors used prior to 2007 included Pantone Process Blue and Columbia blue, which could have been defined as Pantone 542 or Pantone 279.)

Adding the term Coyote Blue brings a unique name to Pantone 300 specific to our university. This ties into the desire for school spirit and identity that was highlighted during the research and writing of the 2015-2020 Strategic Plan. During the two-year process of developing the university brand that launched in fall of 2017, Coyote Blue was identified in the CSUSB brand manual as a CSUSB branded name for Pantone 300. 

Impact of Color Changes

All university websites, merchandise, and logo applications will continue with the Pantone 300 or the shade of blue which most closely resembles Pantone 300.  The exact color code will be determined and will be available through the Office of Strategic Communication.

Examples of use of Coyote Blue include:

  • Stationery and business cards, when re-ordered, will be printed in Pantone 300.
  • Athletic uniforms should be a shade of blue that closely matches Pantone 300 and may be accompanied by variations of black, gray (or silver) and white.

Costs Associated with the Change

There are zero costs involved with adding the name Coyote Blue to the official school color. Pantone 300 will continue to be used to identifying the technical color used in production.


The concept of adding the name Coyote Blue to the official school color is the result of the university's implementation of the university brand. The branding was a result of a two-year long research process that involved input from the campus community, prospective students, alumni and community members.