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Memorial Designations On Campus Policy

Memorial Designations On Campus Policy

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For interpretation of this policy, please contact the responsible department: University Advancement, 909/537-5004


Periodically, the University receives requests from students and others who wish to establish memorial plaques, plant trees, or create some other physical representation in memory of campus community members who have passed away. In the absence of any policy to the contrary, several plaques and trees have been placed or planted.

The University wants to make available to its community the opportunity to memorialize or honor campus community members in ways that will benefit current and future students. At the same time, it is important that any memorial designations fit appropriately into the overall physical environment of the campus and that they be placed in areas where future construction is not anticipated.

The University discourages and normally will not permit the planting of trees or other plants as memorials because of the possibility that the trees or plants will suffer wind damage or will need to be relocated to make room for changes in the University facilities master plan. Similarly, the placing of plaques on the campus, when not associated with a specific facility or monument, or as specified in this policy, cannot be accepted. The naming of outdoor seating areas such as benches, gardens or tables may be considered for approval by University Advancement and Facilities Management. The Division of University Advancement can share opportunities for memorializing or honoring campus or community members.

The University has established a process whereby those who wish to memorialize campus community members with a physical representation may contribute a donation for that purpose. This process complements, but does not replace, other existing avenues for memorial gifts including scholarships, various kinds of endowments and other naming opportunities associated with gifts to enhance or build facilities.

This policy is intended to complement CSUSB’s Gift Acceptance Policy.

All such designations must be part of the overall physical plan of the campus and must be approved by University Advancement and Facilities Management and funded in advance. The gift must cover the cost of a small plaque and seating area and any current or future expenses associated with it.  The Office of Donor Relations will maintain an inventory and current guidelines on naming opportunities as well as recommended costs.


Individuals interested in memorializing a campus community member with an outdoor seating area should discuss their interest with a staff member in the Office of Donor Relations. A list of opportunities, bench/seating area designs and costs will be provided, and language for an accompanying small plaque will be agreed upon. The Office of Donor Relations will draft a written agreement to be signed by the donor and the Vice President of University Advancement.

For other opportunities to memorialize or honor family and friends, the Vice President for University Advancement or the Associate Vice President for University Advancement  may suggest appropriate vehicles which contribute to the education of our students.