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Meetings and Social Gatherings

Meetings and Social Gatherings

Reviewed By: University

RESPONSIBLE DEPARTMENT: Office of Human Resources, 909/537-5138

All employees of the University may participate in University activities and events. Most events will be scheduled during the early evening hours or on weekends which are outside of normal working hours. Attendance at these events is considered voluntary.

The President may, on occasion, authorize release time for employees for special events and functions that are of a universal interest and benefit to the campus.

In order to facilitate and accomplish campus business, the President may establish and authorize committees either on an ad hoc or standing basis. Committees structured to meet the business needs of the University may function during normal working hours. Participation on such committees will be considered work time.

Informal organizations and groups may be established for social, recreational or other objectives of association or recognition. Groups that are established for these purposes may utilize University facilities by following established scheduling procedures. Attendance at these group functions is not considered part of an employee's regular work schedule or work day. All such functions are to be scheduled outside of regular work hours (after 4:30 p.m.).

Groups or organizations desiring clarification of this policy should address questions to the Administrative Council through their Division Vice President.