Management Personnel Plan Merit Salary Administration 2000/2001

Reviewed By: Administrative Council on September 25, 2000
Approved By: President Karnig on October 03, 2000

Source / Authority

For interpretation of this policy, please contact the responsible department: Human Resources, 909/537-5138


This plan is presented in order to provide guidance as to how to implement the merit increases in the Management Personnel Plan (MPP) effective 7/1/00. The CSU has authorized a 6% increase pool for fiscal year 00/01 with individual increases to be effective on July 1, 2000. Within the MPP there is no provision for cost of living increases or general increases. There also is no "floor increase" that is established for management personnel. All increases within the MPP are based upon merit or other justifiable considerations.

CSUSB has established a performance review system for management personnel. This annual review consists of two parts; first, a review of operational responsibilities and accountability and second, a review of goals/objectives established for the review year. This review process is completed for all MPP employees. MPP personnel are evaluated on a five point rating scale with "1" or Excellent representing the highest rating and "5" or Unsatisfactory identifying the lowest rating.

While salary increases are always based primarily upon merit, other salary considerations may be assessed as a part of the total increase decision. The most common additional factor in the increase decision is equity. Equity consideration may be based upon comparable CSUSB positions and salary rates, the CSU mean for a comparable position, general market salaries or the compression of subordinate salaries. Of course, only meritorious employees will be considered for an equity adjustment. Moreover, equity adjustments will constitute the first step in the merit process at the vice president level; and each vice president should examine the salaries of protected classes to ensure that no inequities exist.

For the 2000/2001 year, the following process and guidelines are presented:

Salary Decisions

Division vice presidents will be provided by the Human Resources Department with a salary planning worksheet. This will provide individual employee salary and related data as well as budget control dollars. Each vice president will review the employees in their division and in consultation with the Associate Vice President of Human Resources, if necessary, develop a complete salary increase plan according to the elements mentioned above. The salary increase plan should give specific attention to consistent increases for the same level of job performance. Variations in salary increases should be based upon a specific individual rationale.

Once the division vice presidents have concluded the development of their division salary increase plans, the plans will be forwarded to the president for review and approval. Individual increases are not to exceed 10%, other than in exceptional circumstances with strong justification. Exceptions to the maximum percentage will be forwarded to the president for his approval. The president may, after consultation with the division vice president and the Associate Vice President of Human Resources, modify the salary increase plan prior to its final approval and implementation.

Funding for MPP Salary Decisions

The funding for MPP salary decisions will be divided into two pools in an attempt to equitably distribute the available funds.

  • Pool I
    Each division vice president will be allocated funds based upon the direct proportional share of filled MPP positions within their respective division.
  • Pool II
    The funds allocated to positions where employees are not participating in the 7/1/00 increases and funds generated by filled positions as of June of 2000 but now vacant will be made available to the president for requests by the division vice presidents.

Other Considerations

  • Funding for Confidential employee merit salary increases are included in the MPP salary increase pool for the campus.
  • Funding for vice president merit salary increases are included in the MPP salary increase pool for the campus. Some consideration will be necessary to allow the president additional funding that may be required to grant increases above the funds generated by the five division vice president positions. This source of funds would come from the pool allocated to the president.

Non-State Funded Positions and Auxiliary Positions

Those CSUSB employees within the MPP whose positions are funded by non-state funds and those management positions in the auxiliaries will be held to the same salary increase guidelines and funding budget restraints as state funded positions. Salary increases will be limited to the same percentage of available funds as state funded positions. The Human Resources Department will be available to provide salary information on state funded positions, similar non-state funded, and auxiliary positions to ensure salary parity between state funded positions, non-state funded positions and auxiliary positions.