Management Employees - Vacation Policy

Reviewed By: Administrative Council on June 06, 1994
Approved By:
Reviewed By: Administrative Council on July 26, 1999
Approved By: President Karnig on August 16, 1999

Source / Authority

For interpretation of this policy, please contact the responsible department: Human Resources, 909/537-5138


Management Personnel Plan employees accrue vacation at the rate of two days (16 hours) per month of service for each qualifying pay period.  A qualifying pay period exists when an employee is in pay status for at least eleven days of a month.

Under the Management Personnel Plan, an employee with 10 years or less of service may accrue up to 384 hours of vacation.  An employee with more than 10 years of service may accrue up to 440 hours of vacation.

The policy at CSUSB encourages employees to use accrued vacation for a period of relaxation away from work.  Large accrued vacation balances are indicative that vacation time is not being taken as the benefit it was designed to provide.  MPP employees are to avoid large vacation accrual balances.

The appropriate supervisor of an employee covered by this policy may require the employee to use his or her vacation time at the convenience of the university.   Vacation shall be taken as directed or authorized by the appropriate administrator and shall be scheduled by mutual agreement whenever possible.  Appropriate supervisors shall monitor, on a quarterly basis, the vacation time accumulated by subordinates.