Interim Policy Regarding Vans To Carry 10 To 15 Passengers

Reviewed By: President Karnig on February 08, 2002
Approved By:

Source / Authority

For interpretation of this policy, please contact the responsible department: Director of Facilities Services, 909/537-5166


California Vehicle Code Section 233(a) provides that University employees may operate a 10-15 passenger van with a valid "Class C" California Driver's License.

This Interim Policy will replace the section of the Motor Pool Policy dated January 1987, "Qualifications of Drivers," until a permanent policy is adopted. University employees possessing a valid "Class C" California Driver's License may operate University-owned, rented, or leased vans which carry up to 15 passengers.

When operating such vans, drivers shall carry with them a copy of the Vehicle Code Section pertaining to this exemption. Drivers are responsible for vehicle code violations when operating University-owned, rented, or leased vehicles.