Event Scheduling Procedure

Event Scheduling Procedure
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The purpose of this procedure is to ensure that the University community is well informed about University events and special guests to the campus. The University wants to ensure that appropriate public relations are addressed and that adequate campus resources are in place to ensure that events are announced.

Responsibility for this procedure

The Event Scheduling Office is assigned the responsibility for notifying the campus community of scheduled campus events and of special guests to the campus. All persons who schedule events must inform the Event Scheduling Office of any event they will conduct or special guest they invite to campus well in advance of the activity. The information is needed in order to provide the Event Scheduling Office the facts needed to post notices on the daily campus events page, marquee, and other forms of communication.


The events targeted include:

  • Meetings or gatherings which typically involve participation of persons from off campus or large numbers of people.
  • Meetings which include dignitaries such as:
    • Political and community leaders
    • Members of boards or significant organizations
    • Authors, clergy, noted speakers, etc.

Procedures for responsible department or groups


  • Most facilities and meeting rooms on campus have assigned schedulers (refer to Table 1). Schedulers will:

    • Use the Event Management System (EMS) to report all events they schedule for the particular facility or meeting room.
    • If the EMS program is not available, the scheduler will provide the event information to the Event Scheduling Office, and the Event Scheduling Office will enter the event information into EMS.
  • Ensure the information is accurately entered into EMS according to guidelines established by the Event Scheduling Office.
  • Review campus resource requirements needed for the event with the Event Scheduling Office.
  • Ensure that any support needed for the event is planned well in advance of the event.
  • Notify the Public Affairs Office of events which may be of public interest.

Supervisors of event schedulers

The supervisors of event schedulers will need to ensure that events schedulers perform the duties outlined above.

Other University Offices

University offices that do not have a university-delegated scheduler will send an e-mail or memo to the Event Scheduling Office and provide appropriate information about the event or special guest including contact person, name of event and/or name of special guest, organization representing, purpose, date, time, location, and required campus resources.

Event Scheduling Office

The Event Scheduling Office will:

  • Post special events and visits of dignitaries on the daily events calendar.
  • Update the scheduler list and post on the department's website.
  • Train new schedulers on EMS.
  • Ensure all schedulers have current guidelines for using EMS.
  • Ensure all schedulers and appropriate resources have access to EMS.
  • Review and ensure coordination of appropriate university resources for events.
  • Review and assist in resolving potential scheduling conflicts of events and resources.

Public Affairs Office

The Public Affairs Office will maintain responsibility for all press release for the University.

Specific Notification of Events

The Event Scheduling Office will notify the following departments of events which may affect their operations:

  • President's Office
  • Vice Presidents
  • Parking Services
  • University Police
  • Facilities Services
  • Public Affairs