Emergency Notification of Staff And Faculty

Reviewed By: Administrative Council on February 01, 1999
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For interpretation of this policy, please contact the responsible department: Public Safety, 909/537-5165


CSUSB has no formal emergency notification plan. Such a plan would provide efficient and effective emergency notification to University employees and would minimize personal injury, property damage, and confusion. An effective notification procedure would be initiated at the division level, where design and control may be managed by the division vice president. A notification plan is essential to disaster preparedness.


Effective and efficient communication is an essential component of any emergency plan. The University shall prepare, implement and maintain an emergency notification plan. It shall be the responsibility of the division vice presidents to prepare and maintain plans for their respective divisions. It shall be the responsibility of all University employees to become knowledgeable of their respective division's plan, ensure that their personal information remains updated within the plan, and to participate in any activation of the plan when notified. Right to privacy mandates that participation in this plan will be voluntary and that no personal information will be disseminated without the express permission of the involved employee.



The Emergency Notification Plan shall be activated whenever the Director of Public Safety, Vice President for Administration and Finance, President, or Provost decides an emergency event has occurred on campus. It shall be the responsibility of any member of the University who becomes aware of a potential or existing emergency to notify the Public Safety Department. The Public Safety Department will initiate the Emergency Notification Plan and will inform the Vice President for Administration and Finance of the emergency situation. He will then notify the President and the remaining Vice Presidents. Each Vice President will initiate their divisional emergency notification to whatever extent they deem necessary.

The notification plan will include the following procedures:

  • Divisions shall use a telephone tree format for the distribution of information. That plan shall contain a chart of individuals to be notified, and a second page containing an alpha listing of persons to be contacted, along with their telephone, cellular, and pager numbers. The plan should include an instruction sheet specifying how notifications shall be made and any special procedures for their division. No information shall be entered into this plan without the written consent of the staff or faculty member. Consent shall include permission to distribute personal telephone numbers to members of the divisional plan. A form is provided to authorize consent.
  • If notification of the next person in the plan cannot be completed within a reasonable length of time, the person attempting notification shall assume responsibility for notifying the next person(s) in the plan.
  • Each person in the plan shall maintain one copy of the notification plan at their home and another copy at their workplace so that they may participate in the plan's activation at a moment's notice wherever they are. All information included in the plan is confidential and shall not be released to the public or to persons other than those participating in the plan.
  • A copy of every division plan shall be maintained in the Emergency Operations Center.
  • The division vice president or designee shall determine to what extent the plan is implemented for each emergency.
  • Division plans shall include procedures for follow-up information after initial notification.
  • Division plans should include a requirement for members to keep their division vice president informed of critical notification needs which would increase their priority for notification in the plan (e.g., grant experiment which has critical power needs).
  • If campus telephones are inoperative, the University Public Affairs Department will assist the division vice presidents with alternative forms of notification, including local radio station announcements and e-mail notification, if feasible.
  • During emergency situations, the Public Safety Department shall place personnel at the two Information Centers to personally answer inquiries. Signs will be placed at the informational monuments located at the front of the university with information about the emergency.
  • If the Emergency Operations Center is activated, EOC personnel may use or supplement this plan in accordance with EOC plans developed as a result of the particular emergency causing the EOC activation. Once activated, the EOC Public Information section shall assume responsibility for information dissemination.
  • During normal business hours, emergency notifications shall follow the same plan as outlined in the procedures for staff and faculty. Notification of all other persons on campus shall be made by the Public Safety Department, Physical Plant, and/or Public Affairs, using -campuswide voice mail and e-mail (if feasible), by the floor warden system, by building alarm alerts, and by mobile public address systems.

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Emergency Notification Plan
Permission Form

CSUSB Department of Public Safety
Emergency Notification Plan


The purpose of this plan is to enable the Department of Public Safety to notify all departmental staff quickly, efficiently and effectively in the event of an emergency. The goals are to improve our emergency response and more quickly mobilize our personnel resources. Organizing our notification procedure will ensure quicker notification and response. This is "our" notification procedure; take ownership in your part of it. By effectively communicating emergency information to all personnel, our ability to protect and serve our campus community will be greatly enhanced. Participation in this plan is voluntary.

  • The attached telephone tree is to be followed for notification in the event of an emergency notification.
  • Each employee who volunteers to participate in this plan will keep a copy of this plan accessible to them at work and one copy at home for after duty hours use.
  • This plan and its contents are confidential and may not be released to anyone outside the Department of Public Safety. Department members who volunteer to participate must complete a permission slip and their personal phone numbers will only be used if they voluntarily submit their information on that form with their signed permission for it to be used in the plan and distributed to participants in the plan.
  • When notified of an emergency and instructed to follow the plan, locate your name on the tree and begin to notify those below you on the plan which are designated as your responsibility.
  • If you are unable to contact someone you are responsible for, you must contact the next person down the plan and either have them assume responsibility for the remaining notifications or you must accept the responsibility and make the notifications.
  • Once notified, you are responsible to make notifications as quickly as possible.
  • If you have questions after notification, you should contact Public Safety Dispatch for directions unless otherwise directed during notification.
  • If the person you are attempting to contact has a phone answering machine, leave the message on their machine with the additional instruction to contact dispatch when they receive their recorded message.
  • If the emergency message contains instructions to respond to the emergency, you must contact your supervisor if there will be a delay or no response for approval as soon as possible after notification.