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CSUSB Campus Evacuation Procedure

CSUSB Campus Evacuation Procedure

Reviewed By: Administrative Council on
Approved By: Tomás D Morales, President on
Reviewed By: Administrative Council on May 4, 2023
Approved By: Tomás D Morales, President on

For interpretation of this policy, please contact: Office of the Vice President, Finance, Technology, and Operations, at (909) 537-5130

An emergency campus evacuation may occur when it has been determined that all persons must leave the campus immediately in the interest of public safety.


  1. The university president or their designee (Vice President/Provost, Vice President, Finance, Technology, and Operations, Chief of Police) may authorize an emergency evacuation of the San Bernardino and/or Palm Desert campus.\
  2. CSUSB will utilize the Emergency Notification System (ENS) to notify the campus community of the decision to immediately evacuate the campus. The campus community shall adhere to the instructions of when, and how, to evacuate the campus provided in notification messaging.
  3. Some employees may be required to remain on campus after the official evacuation notice has been delivered. Those employees will be contacted by the immediate supervisor or by the staff of the campus Emergency Operations Center (EOC).
  4. Evacuation may involve a tiered system of egress based on campus location or incident impacts. The administrator in charge may elect to declare an evacuation from campus in the following manner:
    1. Students may be asked to leave the campus immediately.
    2. Employees may be instructed to remain on campus until students have exited the campus.
    3. Employees may be instructed to leave campus immediately thereafter.
  5. Detailed egress routes can be found on the Traffic Evacuation Map.
  6. Departments with operations involving external groups are responsible for communicating the campus evacuation notification and evacuation information to these groups.
  7. Students living in campus residence halls will receive specific direction from the Office of Housing and Residential Education.
  8. Depending on the cause of the evacuation, points of egress from campus may be unavailable. Information on egress controls and pick-up zone locations for those awaiting transportation off campus will be provided via the Emergency Notification System (ENS). During an evacuation, ingress to campus will be restricted. Omnitrans Public Transit Agency, Sunline Transit Agency, and Victor Valley Transit Authority bus routes may be modified depending on the nature of the incident.
  9. Notice of the campus reopening will be provided via ENS. Instructions for attendance and payroll will be provided to the campus community via e-mail after the closure.