Campus List Server Policy

Reviewed By: Administrative Council on December 04, 1995
Approved By:
Reviewed By: Administrative Council
Approved By:

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RESPONSIBLE DEPARTMENT: Telecommunications and Network Services, 909/537-5133


  • Only general fund supported organizations within CSUSB will be entitled to maintain a list on the campus list server.
  • Every owner of a list on the list server will be responsible for the maintenance of their own list.
  • Mailing lists will be by subscription only. Campuswide subscription lists will not be allowed because of the adverse effect they have on the campus' e-mail system.
  • Individuals or groups wishing to establish a list will submit a written request to the Administrative Computing and Telecommunications (ACT) Steering Committee with a short paragraph describing the function or use of the list.
  • In the event that requests exceed availability, the issue will be resolved by the ACT Steering Committee.
  • The length of time for which the list may be maintained is dependent upon the purpose of the list.