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Appointment Of MPP Or Staff Special Consultants Policy

Appointment Of MPP Or Staff Special Consultants Policy

Reviewed By: Administrative Council on
Approved By: Albert K. Karnig, President on

For interpretation of this policy, please contact the responsible department: Associate Vice President of Human Resources, 909-537-5138

The University utilizes the selection and appointment process for filling vacant staff and management positions that occur within the University either as a result of the departure of a current employee or the development of a new position through the budget authorization process.  Virtually all position vacancies will be assigned a regular classification based upon the duties, responsibilities and qualifications assigned to a particular position.

When the regular procedures and processes specified above do not effectively address the need to provide the resources necessary to accomplish specific tasks, the Special Consultant classification may be utilized on a short-term, irregular basis.  Individuals who occupy the Special Consultant classification are employees of the University, they are paid through the payroll system, and they pay the appropriate payroll taxes as deductions from their earnings.  Special Consultants may receive supervision and direction as any other employee.  Special Consultants are not Independent Contractors.  Independent Contractors are engaged through the Accounts Payable Department.  Independent Contractors generally would provide a completed project and they do not receive supervision and direction.  Independent Contractors are not employees of the University.  This policy does not apply to Independent Contractors.


All requests for the use of the Special Consultant classification must be directed to the Human Resources Department before they are directed to begin work.  An analysis of the duties to be performed and an assessment of available classifications to perform the specified duties will be made.  If an existing classification, either at the staff level or management level, is appropriate for the specified duties, the existing classification will be utilized.  If the review by Human Resources determines that an existing classification is appropriate, that classification will be assigned.  If the review determines that the use of the Special Consultant classification is appropriate, the Special Consultant classification will be assigned.  The final determination as to the proper use of the Special Consultant classification is the responsibility of the Associate Vice President of Human Resources.

  • If the use of the Special Consultant classification is authorized, the following criteria will apply:
  • The use of this classification will be for a limited time period with specific beginning and ending dates for the appointment.
  • Regular employment procedures will apply for the individual selected, including an employment application, reference/background checks, other verifications, if appropriate, and, if necessary, fingerprinting.
  • Special Consultants are paid a daily rate for the work performed, regardless of the hours worked, and the rate determined should be equal to the value of the work performed.
  • Special Consultant appointments are to include the maximum amount of the total payment over the period of the appointment based upon a  projection of the number of days required at the specified daily rate of pay, and may not exceed the maximum amount without an extension of the appointment.
  • The Human Resources Department will make all offers of employment to Special Consultants and process all employment documents as with any other appointment normally processed through the Human Resources Department.  Please contact the Human Resources Department for procedures.
  • If a Special Consultant appointment is to end prior to the ending date specified in the appointment letter, HR is to be notified so that the correct processing of the termination may be done in a timely manner.