Direct Deposit FAQs

Direct Deposit FAQ

Why did my paycheck go into my old direct deposit account?

If you are a returning employee to the CSU system and previously had direct deposit that was never cancelled, your direct deposit will automatically resume from where you left off previously. It is the employees responsibility to notify the payroll office if this scenario applies to them prior to their first pay check being issued to avoid a direct deposit going into the wrong account.

It's important to note that should a direct deposit be issued to an old or closed account, there is a waiting period of up to a couple of weeks to retrieve the funds.

If you have submitted a Direct Deposit Authorization form and have not received a direct deposit please contact the Payroll Department at (909) 537-5159.

My direct deposit was cancelled

The State Controller's Office (SCO) cancels all Direct Deposit Authorizations each year during June and December, for employees who do not have active appointments in the SCO system.

Your direct deposit may be cancelled by the Payroll Department or the State Controller's Office:

  • If you are seperating or have been separated from the university- (per AB2410- payment of wages upon seperation requirements).
  • If you no longer meet the Direct Deposit eligibility requirments, insufficient leave balances, absence without leave,dock,tardiness.
  • If your Direct Deposit payment has been returned to the SCO (due to a closed or invalid routing number or account number, the SCO will re-issue a paper warrant once re-deposited, this can take up to a few weeks).
  • If an overpayment occurred due, but not limited to, death/permanent speration/suspension/dismissal,layoff.
  • If the SCO is collecting, via payroll deduction, an overpayment.
  • If you have filed bankruptcy under the National Bankruptcy Act, Chapters VII & XIII and a court order directs all or a portion of your pay to be remitted to a third party.
  • If you are currently receiving non-industrial disability (NDI) payments without personal leave credit supplementation.
  • If you do not have a current/active rostered student position. (1868, 1874, 1875, 1876, 1150,1151,1152,1153)
  • Due to fraud on one's account.

Academic Year Faculty Early Retirement employees must enroll for direct deposit each year.

How long does is take for my direct deposit to process?

If all data on the Direct Deposit Enrollment Authorization form is accurate and legible, it may take between 30 to 45 days to process.

When are direct deposit payments posted?

Direct Deposit payments for Master Payroll are normally posted on the first business day following the last day of the related pay period. Other Direct Deposit payments are posted within 48 hours of the State Controller's issue date.

Direct Deposit Calendar

How do I enroll in direct deposit?

The direct deposit authorization form is available online through the State Controller's Office (SCO) website. Please submit the signed original form to Human Resources. All completed Direct Deposit forms are mailed to the SCO for processing.

If you are unable to access the direct deposit authorization form online, the form is also available with Human Resorces in Sierra Hall, Rm 110.

Eligibility for Direct Deposit

The following are eligible for direct deposit:

  • Student Assistants
  • Hourly employees
  • CSU Faculty with Academic Year Appointments
  • Faculty Early Retirement Program (FERP)
  • Salaried Employees

Because establising direct deposit may take two to three pay cycles, Faculty Quarter to Quarter Appointments, Emergency Hires and Special Consultant (Immediate Pay) are ineligible for direct deposit.

Special Note to New Employees: If you take time off during your first month, the only time available for immediate usage is your Personal Holiday. Any other time taken off can result in your pay being reduced.

Updated 6/6/15 by Cesar Portillo, AVP Human Resources