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Services Available to Students with Disabilities

Services Available to Students with Disabilities


Since 1978, the campus has experienced dynamic growth in its population of students with disabilities. At Cal State San Bernardino, over 1,000 students with verifiable disabilities are served by the university's Services to Students with Disabilities (SSD) office.

SSD strives to empower students with disabilities by fostering skills such as self-advocacy, resourcefulness, and independence. The SSD office works collaboratively with the campus community to remove barriers, promoting an enriched learning environment where students with disabilities can utilize their skills and pursue their academic and personal development goals. The SSD office provides the necessary support services instrumental to students achieving their academic goals while building self-efficacy. Services are assessed and accommodations are provided on a case-by-case basis. This highly personalized approach has enabled the SSD office to successfully help thousands of students achieve their chosen academic goals.

For more information regarding services available to students with disabilities and other campus resources visit the SSD website or call (909) 537-5238 or TTY (909) 537-7230.


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