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How do I sell items?

How do I sell items?


Departments may request surplus equipment items to be moved to this storage area for sale, reuse, disposal, or recycling through the Property Coordinator. The procedures and forms for such requests are detailed in the CSUSB Property Management Handbook.

The Property Coordinator will complete the required paperwork to remove equipment items from CSUSB inventory records and will coordinate the move of the items with Custodial Services.

To arrange for the removal of non-equipment items, departments shall contact Custodial Services to arrange for the items to be moved to the Facilities Services Storage Facility. No paperwork needs to be completed for the disposal of non-equipment items. Because such items are those that, because of their lesser dollar value (under $500), are not tagged or inventoried.

As moving services are not considered to be a maintenance function, such services will be performed on a chargeback basis by Facilities Services’ Custodial Services, based on the actual costs of in-house labor or contractor pricing (per Executive Order 847).

The Recycling Coordinator and Property Coordinator will determine the appropriate final disposition of surplus items moved to the storage facility by coordinating any of the following options:

  • Offered to campus departments
  • Sold at auction or through sealed bid sale
  • Transferred to another State agency
  • Donated to a non-profit organization or a state public school
  • Redeemed for scrap value
  • Discarded properly, if item has no residual value

Departmental personnel do not have the authority to dispose of state-owned surplus items. The Recycling Coordinator and Property Coordinator must manage such disposal.

Information on property surplus.

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