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Only CURRENT students, staff, faculty, and alumni association members are eligible to participate. A student must have paid his/her fees, which include a portion that is directed toward the Department of Campus Recreation. Students in an Extended Education program or who are Open University students are not eligible to participate. The exception for this would be for the students participating in the 10 week International Student Exchange. Teams who have players on their roster who have either been a member of a collegiate team or a professional l team must get approval of Campus Recreation before the season begins.

Any team with two or more current or former collegiate and or professional players on their rosters must advise the Department of Campus Recreation in advance and BEFORE the program begins. If this is not done, all games played with or without the current/former collegiate and or professional players will be considered losses. The intent of this rule is to make all other participants aware of the circumstances, and to make modifications (if necessary) for championship awards.

A player may play for only one team. A player who has played on more than one team without explicit authorization will have all games they played in count as losses, including games played on for their “original team”.

  1. If any player is found ineligible for any reason all of the games that he/she has participated in will be losses.