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CGM World: 5 Things To Know for Successful Global Career

CGM Career Series

In order to have a global career, it is imperative that you develop your network, that you present yourself suitably, and that you develop leadership skills. These three things are key in order to stand out to future employers and to ensure that you are successful in today’s world. Another aspect of having a global career includes working abroad. “Countless studies have demonstrated that working abroad results in improved intercultural competencies, soft skills and language skills, which in turn improves job prospects” (Verge, n.d.).

Did you know that, according to HubSpot, 85% of positions are filled by networking? It is then extremely important that you take time to participate in networking events and opportunities, and that you network online through platforms such as LinkedIn.

Your resume can also have a great impact on whether or not you are able to secure a job position. In fact, “63% of recruiters want to receive resumes tailored to the open position, which entails creating a new resume for each job application” (Zippia, 2022). This proves that you should make sure that you proofread your resume but that you should also make sure it is tailored to the job you are applying for.

50% of hiring managers believe that the way a candidate dresses and acts at a job interview can be grounds for elimination from consideration for the job - Zippia 2022 

The quality of your job interview can also make or break it. It's important to appropriately prepare before interviewing for a position. For example, make sure to do your research on the organization you are interviewing with so that the recruiter(s) can see that you have an interest in the organization itself.

“Imagine someone who is looking to know what to do without you knowing what that person can do. As a student, you must know how to make your resume communicate your credentials and the interview opens the sky of opportunities by positioning your leadership with career networking.” -  Dr. Vipin Gupta,  CGM Co-Director and Management Professor.

Having leadership skills is also essential when wanting a global career. “Only 10% of people are natural leaders — another 20% show some qualities of basic managerial talent that can be cultivated into high-quality leadership” (Zippia, 2022), and this is why you need to make sure that you learn how to develop skills that relate to being a strong leader within an organization.

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