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CGM World: Education Abroad

Students looking at bookHave you ever wondered what it would be like to study in another country? Many things are different when it comes to education abroad such as culture, language, people, and learning. These differences can be scary and challenging, but they become all worth it in the end. This life-changing experience will allow you to discover the world as well as yourself. PLUS, you can proudly carry this accomplishment with you throughout your whole life!

Here are 5 reasons CSUSB students should embark on an education abroad adventure:

#1: Standout to future employers

Did you know that you can add your education abroad experience to your résumé? This experience proves to employers that you can adapt to new environments or situations and demonstrates ability to grow. Less than two percent of U.S. college students actually study abroad, according to NAFSA. Yet many employers say they need internationally competent personnel.

#2: Discover & learn more about different cultures

Being able to study in another country means to be able to observe different cultures and traditions that take place in other parts of the world. By being an exchange student, you have the opportunity of taking part in different activities, events, and trips while studying at a different university. For example, most universities host activities for incoming exchange students in order to allow them to connect with local students and other international students. Here at JHBC, we have the Global Ambassadors to assist with this. 

#3: Perfect your language skills

By studying in a different country, you will be faced with linguistic challenges that will allow you to gain knowledge and practice of other languages. Have you ever wished to learn another language? If your answer is yes, education abroad is the perfect way for you to do so. By being immersed in another country that speaks other languages than English, you will have many opportunities to practice speaking with local people at school, at the store or even at a restaurant!

#4: Meet people from all over the world

While being an exchange student in another country or even taking a short-term program, you can meet people from that specific country, which will allow you to better understand the culture as well as the everyday life. However, this is not all! In fact, sometimes, you will have the opportunity to meet other exchange students that are from other parts of the world, thus enhancing your understanding of our world and other cultures.

#5: Become more independent & adventurous

Are you looking for an opportunity to spread your wings and challenge yourself? Education abroad is the perfect way to do so and to grow as an individual. Going to live and study in another country comes with its challenges, but by overcoming these challenges, you will gain confidence in yourself and in your abilities. 

Get a taste of education abroad through one of a variety of faculty-led, short-term programs organized by the Center for Global Management in the Jack H. Brown College of Business & Public Administration hosts and geared towards business and public administration students. For 2022, we are offering programs to Italy, Ireland, Greece & Kenya. 

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