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Over the past ten years podcasts, audio recordings typically created in a series, have steadily increased. Last year, one study showed that more than half of the U.S. population listened to podcasts and that one out of every three people did so monthly. With the “stay at home” mandates and human nature to connect through as many electronic means as possible, you can imagine that this platform has exploded. 

About 24 percent of the US population listen to podcasts weekly, some listening to an average of seven shows per week, according to Brandastic in a blog about podcast popularity.

A few years ago, JHBC ventured toward the format through a monthly campus radio show focused on sustainability hosted by Breena Coates, emeritus professor of corporate strategy. She highlighted e-waste, capitalism and automation in segments with guests from the university and beyond.   

Most recently, MBA Director Ernie Silvers launched Silvers Connection, a video podcast to help individuals build a mental toolbox of new skills, stronger mindset and simple choices to create a better version of “Brand YOU!” Since August, episodes have featured advice from entrepreneurs, alumni, business leaders and motivational speakers. In one interview Ursula Mentjes, a three-time best-selling author, award-winning entrepreneur, and sales expert advised listeners to “be authentically you.” 

“In the interview world, people buy your confidence,” she said, adding that leaning into mentors and friends can help identify indicators and reminders of one’s true self. 

Meanwhile, Anthony Silard, public administration professor has started The Art of Living Free video series, which focuses on leadership, emotions, and the psychological effect of current global issues facing the world  today. 

“The issue isn’t whether you know what to do when it comes to managing your emotions, the issue is that you do what you know,” said Anthony, a world renown leadership educator and recipient of the CSUSB Outstanding Community Engagement Award earlier this year.