Qualtrics Support

Anyone with a Qualtrics account is able to submit a ticket through our support center. The steps to quickly accomplish this is below: 

  1. Navigate to support.csusb.edu (TSC support center).
  2. Click Contact Support in the upper-right corner.
  3. Select Sign in with SSO.  Input 'csusb' for organization ID. You'll be redirected to login with your university credentials.
  4. Select the option that says 'I have a different support request'
  5. In the dropdown menu that says 'What Qualtrics product are you using', select the option Survey Platform.
  6. Choose whichever form of support you wish. If you want to open another Email ticket, select
  7. Fill in the form that appears and select Technical Question/Issue.
  8. Write a new email message (you can copy and paste from your original).
  9. Choose whether to grant us access to your account to provide better support.
  10. Click submit and we will be happy to help you resolve getting language embedded data!

By following this guideline, you can submit a support ticket and we can help you resolve this issue.