Mobile Device Security

Make mobile devices less attractive to thieves and protect personal information, pictures and access to linked accounts.

  • Lock mobile devices with a password, passphrase, biometrics or gesture a password
  • Configure mobile devices to remotely lock the screen or remotely wipe the data
  • Activate or buy the feature for locating lost or stolen devices

For additional protection for your personal information:

  • Set up a service to automatically backup mobile device data
  • Install malware and spyware detection software
  • Set mobile device to automatically run and install updates daily

When lost or stolen major service providers will suspend services for mobile devices. For a small monthly fee additional security apps can enhance mobile device security by offering many different services like:

  • malware and spyware protection
  • locating stolen or lost mobile devices
  • perform automatic backups of data

Additionally, many mobile devices allow users the ability to remotely wipe lost or stolen mobile devices but require specific settings to be enabled.

Before suspending a lost or stolen device:

Links to Service Providers

  1. Attempt to locate it.
  2. Remote screen lock or data wipe.
  3. Contact service provider to suspend service. Features to locate or wipe devices will be disabled if service has been suspended.

Cleaning or Wiping Mobile Devices

Before disposing, replacing or giving away your old device it is important to remove all your personal information and history.  And it is easy to do!  Ask your mobile service provider for assistance or handle it yourself. 

  1. Reset the device to factory settings. Clears out contacts, history and more!
  2. Remove and keep or physically destroy SIM cards.
  3. Remove and keep or physically destroy external cards like SD cards.

Lastly, consider donating old devices instead of adding to e-waste.   Several charities use mobile device donations to benefit worthy causes like soldiers, the elderly and low income students.

Check out this security tip from SANS Oranization on cleaning mobile devices.

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