G Suite - Google Groups Migration

CSUSB is migrating from Mailman to Google Groups for all campus email listservs.  This allows the university to take advantage of Google’s infrastructure to reduce downtime and data storage requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Manage My Group

Once your list has been migrated, you can manage groups you own in Google Groups.

Messages Are Missing The [List] Subject Prefix

The subject prefix feature was not available to us for transitioning to Google Groups.  This feature is available in Google Groups and can be turned on by group owners. To enable this feature, manage your group (see above), then go to Settings -> Email options, enter a subject prefix or click the example [list] to use it, and click the Save button.

Some Other Features Are Missing After Migration

Unfortunately, some Mailman features could not be migrated as they were either not available to us in the conversion process, or a simply not a feature of Google Groups.  However, if a feature is missing and that feature is necessary for your list, please contact the Technology Support Center so we can investigate the possibility of a workaround.

List Owners/Moderators Are Suddenly Getting Messages

In the Mailman system, owners and moderators were not necessarily members and did not get messages sent to the list.  When lists were migrated, owners and moderators were subscribed to the list along with all other members because they are considered members in Google Groups.

If you do not wish to receive messages, you can change your delivery option by selecting My groups in Google Groups and selecting Don’t send email updates from the drop-down menu for your list.

My Archives Are Missing

Archives from Mailman cannot be automatically transferred to Google Groups.  However, list owners may request a copy of the legacy archive mailbox sent to them using the 'Need Technical Assistance?' link on the Technology Support Center support page

We found that list archives were predominantly left unused.  As such, this feature was turned off by default on the Mailman system in 2016.

More Information

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