Gaining Enterprise Access through CIA Request Form

Access to enterprise information and systems requires an access control mechanism to monitor and control access.  The Computerized Information Access (CIA) Request form was created in 2002 as the way people can request and receive access to a majority of enterprise resources like: PeopleSoft modules - Finance, Human Resources, Student Administration, specialized databases - like OnBase data repositories, and technical systems.  The CIA Request process ties together all essential pieces: management approval, training requirements, security administrator authorization, and implementation.  The steps of the CIA process are diagrammed below.

shows steps of CIA Request Process, create request, MPP approval, security admin authorization, training validation, access implemented, requester notified

In the fall of 2015 the Information Technology Services (ITS) division introduced OnBase to the Campus Community.  This application digitized the computer information access (CIA) request process changing it from being highly complex and time consuming into a very efficient and quick process.

The CIA request forms are created by a CIA Delegate.  Email to inquire as to who your CIA Delegate might be.