How do I add additional Students, Instructors, or TA's to my course?

All students registered for the course, are automatically enrolled through the Registrar when the Course is created, however, you do have the option of adding additional users to the course.

Only Instructors, their designated course builders, or TAs have the ability to add users.

To add users to your course:

  1. On the control panel sidebar, select "Users and Groups"
  2. Select "Users"
  3. Select the "Find Users to Enroll" button.
  4. Enter Coyote ID. Select Role and Submit. If you do not have the users Coyote, please follow steps 5-8.
  5. Search for the user by Coyote ID, email, or last name. If they are in the CSUSB Blackboard database, their full information will appear.
  6. Check the box to the left of their name.
  7. Scroll down and click on "Submit"
  8. Select Role and Submit.

If the user that you wish to add a user that is not in the Blackboard database (i.e., does not have an CSUSB blackboard account) Contact ODL and we will assist you.