How do I add a syllabus to my Blackboard Course Site?

Because documents often have rather complex formatting, getting them to display properly on the Web can be a challenge. There are a number of methods with varying degrees of success and unique pros and cons. The simplest way to post a syllabus is to convert it to html and upload that file.

While Blackboard will accept file attachments in several different formats (including .doc, .ppt, .xls), we recommend that you convert all documents to html before uploading them to Blackboard, because it ensure that users will be able to view the documents regardless of whether or not they have the application in which it was originally authored.

To do this:

  1. Save the document as a "Web Page" or "as html".
  2. Login to the Blackboard course in which you wish to add the syllabus.
  3. Go to the Control Panel of the course.
  4. Click on the Content Area in which you want your Syllabus to appear. (If you would like to put the Syllabus in its own folder, see the How To on adding folders in a Content Area.)
  5. Click on "Add Item".
  6. Name this document using either the drop down box or specifying your own name.
  7. Scroll down to the second section called "Content Attachments"
  8. Click on the Browse button to locate and add the item you wish to attach (the syllabus with the .htm or .html extension).
  9. Click on "Submit"