Change Password After Activation

How to reset your password on IDMS

PLEASE NOTE: You must activate your account first.  

If you have not yet activated on the new system, you will receive an error message that says your credentials cannot be determined to be authentic, or that your account is locked.

To reset password:

  1. Go to the Self-Service Page
  2. Click on the Change Your Password Link


  1. Enter Coyote ID and Password
  2. Click SUBMIT
  3. Enter in a new Password
  4. Note, your password must conform to the following:
    1. Be at least 8 characters
    2. Be no more than 32 characters
    3. Contain at least one digit (number)
    4. Contain at least one letter
    5. Contain at least one uppercase letter
    6. Contain at least one special character: !#$%& ()+-/
  5. Also note, your account retains a history of your previously used passwords. You may not re-use your used passwords.
  6. Press NEXT