Request a Distribution List

Distribution lists are managed on exchange. Please note that a distribution list is not a mailing list. For more information on mailing lists refer to the "Request a mailing list" article. A distribution list is a simple way have an email address that gets sent to a select group of exchange users. For example,, is a distribution list that goes to the email support staff so that any of us can answer user questions.

To request a  distribution list contact the Technology Support Center at (909) 537-7677.  In your request please provide the following information.

  • Email address - The email address of the distribution list.
  • Owner - The email address of the person(s) who are responsible for maintaining the recipients.
  • Members - The Coyote ID of each recipient. The recipients must have exchange accounts prior to be being added to a distribution group. Members can always be added/changed at a later date by the owner.