Scheduling a meeting room in Outlook

In the following example, an organizer would schedule a meeting room following these steps:

  1. Create a new meeting request from the Outlook Calendar.
  2. Add the meeting participants to the To field.
  3. Select the room:
    1. Click the Rooms button at the end of the location drop-down list. This action will open a new window that shows all meeting rooms within Exchange as shown in the following graphic. Choose the meeting room from the list.
  4. Click OK. The meeting room is added to the list of participants in the To field. (The meeting mailbox is receiving the meeting request.)
  5. Click the Scheduling Assistant button on the ribbon to see the schedule assistant view to verify that the meeting room is available at the proposed time.
  6. Choose recurrence options and other meeting options as required.
  7. Click Send

At this point, all meeting participants will see the meeting request. If the Room Resource Mailbox’s delegate(s) receive the request, the delegate must accept or reject it on behalf of the room. Until the delegate has accepted, the meeting is considered tentative. Accepting the meeting in this way prevents double booking.