Do I need to do anything? What do I need to do with the Digest report?

You do not need to do anything but delete the message after scanning it first for messages that you might not consider spam. If all the messages are spam, just delete the Digest message. If not, you can take action on the messages in the Digest using the web links. For example, you can:

  • Release: Releases a message from the Quarantine and sends the message to your Inbox. This link allows you to receive the message in your Inbox so you can review the contents of the message.
  • Safelist: This link does two things. It releases the message to your Inbox and it also adds the e-mail address of the sender to your personal Safe Senders list. Future messages from this sender will not be sent to the Quarantine.
  • Not Spam: This link allows you to report to Proofpoint directly any message that you believe is not spam. Proofpoint amasses reports from all over the world to help them keep their spam detection technology up-to-date and correct as possible. Please note that this feature sends the contents of the message to Proofpoint.

To apply any of these actions to a message in your Digest, simply click the link for the message. A browser window opens to let you know the request is being processed.