How do I add entries to my safe/block list?

E-mail addresses of messages appearing in your daily Digest are already blocked. You can list a sub-domain, or an entire domain on your safe/block list. Enter if you wish to only safelist mail from the main domain. However, if you wish to safelist mail from any host, enter without the @ symbol; this will match any host/sub-domain.

  • Case-sensitivity: Safe/Blocked list entries should always match regardless of case. For example, if you enter, it should match and vice versa.
  • Blocklists It is not currently possible to add a "blocklist" link to the digest. You must open your Manage My Account page and add the blocklist address manually.
  • From address vs. Sender address : While it is "legal" to use a different from (or, display) email address than the one used as the Sender address, spammers often use this loophole to make the email "look" like it's coming from a more reputable sender. Proofpoint matches against the Sender address, so the email address which appears in the email client as "From" will not always be the address which should be entered in the safe/block list. A user may need to view the email header in order to see the real Sender address. Clicking the safelist link from the digest automatically uses the Sender address and relieves the user of this task.