Select CSUSB email address for Blackboard

CSUSB Blackboard email are sent to students' email address be default. That is the official commencation method for students per University policy. Students who work on campus may have multiple CSUSB email addresses, however they have the abilitiy to change/update their Blackboard email address on Student Center. 

(For example, students who are either student assistants or work for UEC and may receives a (BUSN) email address for work purpose. If students have a work email, the default Blackboard email is their work email, if they have one.)

  1. Log on to MyCoyote 
  2. Navigate to the Student Tab
  3. Click on “Update Personal Information” in the Student Self Service menu
  4. Navigate to “email addresses” tab
  5. Toward the bottom of the screen there is a "Blackboard Communication email" block. From there, user can select which email address they want to use for Blackboard.  
  6. (Note: Only the email address listed are allowed to be set as your Blackboard email. Unfortunately, student cannot use an off-campus email address for Blackbaord communication as Blackboard communication is considered official university email.)
  7. Click Save to save your settings. It may take up to 24 hours to populate into Blackboard since it is a nightly batch file.

Screenshot of MyCoyote