PeopleSoft access levels for Grad Students

The table below shows the types and levels of access to PeopleSoft that Graduate Students have:

Types and levels of access to PeopleSoft
Section Functional Link Title Grad Student
SB Bolt-on Self-services Admission Transcript Status Access
SB Make A Payment Access
PAWS Request No Access
My Communication History No Access
SB Commencement Registration Access
SB Scholarship Single Sign-on Access
Student Athlete Single Sign-on No Access
CSUSB Agent of Change No Access
SB SOAR SS Registration No Access
Academics Enroll in Early Start No Access
Search (Class Search) Access
Plan No access
Enroll No Access
My Academics Access
other academics (dropdown list) Class Schedule Access
Course History No Access
Enrollment Verification Access
Enrollment: Add No Access
Enrollment: Drop No Access
Enrollment: Swap No Access
Exam Schedule No Access
Grades Access
Transcript: View Unofficial Access
Campus Community (Right Section) Holds Access
To Do List Access
Enrollment Dates Access
Student Self-service eHelp (Links) Access
Campus Related Services (Links) Access
Demographic Data (Address, email, phone, FERPA setup) Access
Emergency Contact No Access
Personal Information Permanent Address Access
Mailing Address Access
Permanent Phone Access
Campus Email Access