Authentication Access Restrictions

Cal State San Bernardino implements technical measures to deter malicious activity and other violations of policy.

There are several reasons the university may restrict access to its network resources.  Some examples include:

  • malware
  • attempting to bypass security controls (hacking)
  • violation of university policy
  • violation of California or United States federal law
  • academic dishonesty (cheating)
  • compromised credentials (stolen passwords)
  • copyright violation 

Some restrictions automatically expire after abusive activity subsides.  Others require manual intervention from Information Technology Services (ITS). If you have encountered a block, please contact the ITS Technology Support Center at or or (909) 537-7767 to open an investigation.

Seeing an 'Access Blocked' error when attempting to use My Coyote, university email, or Blackboard typically indicates you are visiting from a network location that has demonstrated past abusive behavior.  Most often, it is related to VPN use. 

To restore access:

  • disconnect from your VPN (or removing the offending VPN software)
  • stop using anonymous proxies
  • disable web accelerators, analytics plugins, or other spyware-like technologies

You can use this link to see if your IP is classified as a Proxy/VPN address: (select the address next to 'Your IP address is:')

The 'Access Blocked' page looks similar the following example.

Example of Access Blocked page