Request a Mailing List

Mailing lists are handled by the mailman server. Please note that a mailing list is not a distribution list.  For information on distribution lists refer to the "Request a distribution list" article. Like a distribution list a mailing list is an email address that accepts and sends mail to its members. However, a mailing list gives the owner much more control over who can send to the list, how members subscribe to the list, and a lot of other features. 

To request a mailing list contact the Technology Support Center at (909) 537-7677. In your request please provide the following information.

  • List name - Must be one word and not have any spaces in it as this will be used in the email address for your list serve.
  • Owner - The email address of the list owner(s).
  • Description - A terse phrase identifying this list. If your list is advertised this description will be provided to potential subscribers so that they can decide if they want to subscribe.
  • Advertised - Should your list be shown in the listing of public mailing lists?
  • Subscribe policy - By default mailman sends an email to a potential subscriber to confirm their email. If the owner wants to control who subscribes to their mailing list mailman can forward these requests to the owner instead. Should the list owner approve new members?
  • Membership exposure - Should the list of members be shown to anyone, list members, or only the list owner?
  • List type - Will this list be used for discussions, announcements, or be public. See Types of MailMan lists for details.