Password Management

Improving Passwords and Password Management

Password managers are an easy way to ensure unique and strong passwords for all your logins conveniently stored in one place. Also known as password vaults - password managers can generate, store and encrypt all your passwords. Remembering one master password allows access to all your sites. Some password managers can log into your sites for you while others warn you to avoid certain web sites.




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SANS makes the following recommendations when choosing a password manager:

  • Use only well-known and trusted solutions
  • Choose a solution that is actively updated and patched
  • Find a solution easy for you to use
  • Base the solution on industry standards and not a proprietary one
  • Solution synchronizes across all your different devices, encrypting locally before sending to a central system
  • Provides tools for generating arbitrary passwords and help manage expiring ones
  • Assesses the strength of passwords you've chosen

Features to consider when acquiring a password manager:

  • Price - free or for a cost
  • Type – subscriptions or application
  • Portability or Stationary – lives on dongle, web or mobile device or desktop
  • Platform compatibility - Mobile device and/or Windows and/or Mac friendly
  • Provides for more than one user profile
  • Multi-factor authentication – meaning log-in requires more than a password