Spam Detection Preferences

  1. Login to the MyCoyote Portal.
  2. Navigate to Email Spam Control, found under the Collapsed Navigation Menu (a.k.a the 'Hamburger Button')
    myCoyote Email Spam Control link location
  3. From the left column, choose Profile
  4. Under My Settings, you'll have several options for Spam Detection:
    Screenshot of Profile View option
    • Tag and Pass (inconclusive email is tagged with a subject of [Spam]).
    • Quarantine (holding any inconclusive emails with regular notifications).
    • Aggressive (delete all spam including inconclusive spam; no quarantine)
  5. Optional (recommended):
    1. Turn off Clutter within Office 365
    2. Change junk mail settings to: No Automatic Filtering

For more information, see the Knowledge Base for Using the ProofPoint Email Spam Control.