Seat Finder Dashboard

Seat Finder dashboard

Seat Finder displays open seats here or at PDC, by college, or discipline in a particular class.  This is updated a periodically throughout the day. 

Visit the Seat Finder by navigating to dashID=304 which you may want to bookmark/favorite in your web browser.

Alternatively, you can find it at > Dashboard > Course Bottlenecks > Seat Finder. 


How to use Seat Finder

The seat finder search criteria will display. Enter the:

  • Term (e.g Fall 2020)
  • GE Area (e.g. Philosophy)
  • Campus (e.g. Main)
  • College (e.g BPA)
  • Subject (e.g. PHIL)
  • Class Type (e.g. LEC, SEM or Check all that apply)
  • Course Number (e.g. 194)

Then, select Update.

Note: If you are using a phone, select the gear icon to the top left in the blue banner and select 'Phone Display Mode'.