CSUSB GAL - Global Address List

Global Address List for PC

Instructions1. Click in the Search People field in the top-right corner and type in the name of the contact you are looking for. Outlook will automatically generate a list of users matching your search string.

2. Once you have found your contact, click on their name to open up more details. Email them by clicking on the email icon or their email address in the top-right corner.3. Another way of searching is to click on the Address Book button.

4. You can now search the Global Address List using the Address Book window.


Using the GAL when sending an email

Instructions1. A more useful way of using the GAL is when you are trying to compose an email. You can access this by clicking on the To… button in the message window.

2. The Global Address List will open and can search for the person you want to email.



Global Address List for MAC


  1. Open Outlook per your @csusb.edu email. 
  2. Select the New Email button to start a new message.
    • Or, begin typing/select the address book button on the main ribbon in outlook.
  3. Continue in a new email by, typing the name of the contact or email. (e.g.. Technology...) 
    • You can also use the check names feature when a new email is open to identify a the remaining information regarding a contact).
  4. Make sure either All Folders or Account Name Directory is selected, and enter your search query. 


Global Address List for Webmail


  1. When you open Outlook via Office 365 the address book is access from the To icon at the top of the window.


  • When you open the address book by clicking To or Cc in a new message,
  1. Select the pop out arrow (>>).
  2. Then select Directory
  3. Once the contacts display begin typing the name and a list will display.
  4. Identify the contact and select the options per task. (e.g.. send mail).