GSuite - Username Conflicts between University and Personal Google Accounts

Personal Google accounts created using email addresses like (typically created before November 2013) will conflict with the Cal State San Bernardino's GSuite domain, which also uses email addresses.When the conflict occurs, you'll receive an error like Google doesn't recognize your email address or There are two existing Google Accounts for Which account do you want to use?What should I do if I encounter a conflict?

  1. Sign-in using the temporary username provided by Google the next time you sign in.  From the Google document related to conflicting personal and university accounts:'... the next time the user signs in to their personal account, they're asked to change the email address associated with that account. They have the following options:Rename the personal account with a new Gmail address.Rename the consumer account with a non-Gmail address that the user already owns.Sign in with a temporary username that Google provides (for example,'
  2. Migrate University-related data from your personal data to your campus account.Specifics on the migration are published by Google under Transfer content to your work or personal account 

See Also:Indiana University's knowledge base regarding conflicting personal Google accounts